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Big changes plus needed fixes. - March 7th 2005, 5.37 pm:
The big update of the day is the transition of the Dribble section to the use of Wordpress, a standard and feature-laden blogging tool. Motivation for this switch can be read about here.

Also, previously unmentioned was an upgrade of the photo album section to the use of a flash-based viewer from an HTML multiple page based photo album. This happened in January 2005.

Finally, there's been a visual refresh of the presentation of the pages. I think it looks pretty good, and takes the site from a early 2001 feel to a mid 2000's feel. Woohoo.

Tweaks and fixes include:
- Now the year is added to the time/datestamp on most things.
- Fixed a bug where sample "teaser" images included lo-res thumbs
- Fixed the main Vignette section homepage. Either it was just a fluke on my machine, or for a few months, instead of the homepage, a test page of the flash-based photo album viewer with an unfortunate picture of my friend KS showed up. Whoops.
- Apparently the flash based photo album viewer only worked for some computers, and didn't for most. Whoops. This should now be fixed. In addition, the old HTML based version is now back up to be used optionally, or as an automatic redirect if the page detects that you don't have flash installed. cool, huh?

Small Fix to photo albums - August 4th 2004, 6.44 am:
Fixed a small bug that's been bugging me for a while. Now when it states how many sub-albums are in a parent album (e.g. Travels:2004), it correctly lists the number. Before the numbers it was giving was misleading. Bah.

Webcam! - July 4th 2003, 2.40 am:
Just got my old webcam working with my computer, have it automatically upload, so built a page for it, as well as adding it to my front page when it´s timely.

New tofubunny.com - June 23rd 2003, 4.46 pm:
Just wanted to note that Amy´s been doing a lot of work on her website, and it´s now mostly complete.

New Homepage Banners - June 23rd 2003, 1.38 am:
As you´ll notice, I made a handful of new banners on the homepage to be more up to date with my life. Originally, I had planned on doing a whole bunch of funny ones. I like the new ones that I have up...

XML-RPC metaWeblog.API enabled! - June 11th 2003, 1.17 pm:
If this makes no sense to you then don´t worry about it. I just added a programming layer to the code of my website, so that it can be interfaced by a multitude of 3rd party weblog editing client programs. I can now edit my weblog from windows or mac clients, from my palmpilot, or even from my phone. kick-ass!

Photo Album Updates - June 6th 2003, 7.42 pm:
Rewored the photo album a bit. Added the ability to add comments to pictures, redid the thumbs system. Planning to add a lot more features to the photo album, like picture ratings, favorites, and stuff. Also, added the ability for me to rename, edit, rotate, and delete pictures online, so I'll be pruning the album, and adding in names.

Everything Fixed - May 9th 2003, 10.55 am:
Had some major issues this past week - ran out of diskspace, and was trying to negotiate my hoster giving me enough as not to have to change everything around. Still a bit miffed as I still feel like they reneged, but everything is still up and works. Also somehow wiped out my blog comment system, but that's now back up. wo0t!

Minor Updates - March 30th 2003, 11.47 am:
Just put out a new release of the site. Only minor tweaks on the public side. Photo album browsing now handles movies. Javascript now works for netscape-style browsers. Finished filling in details in the "About" section.

New Stuff added. - November 30th 2002, 1.16 pm:
I just released a new version of heehorse.com, adding a few features:
  • Added a scribble section
  • Added the ability to comment and provide feedback on dribble and scribble sections
  • Added pagination to the guestbook page (and moved all of CJ's articles on religion to the scribble section)

    Slight Update - October 30th 2002, 9.54 am:
    I updated one or two things, and fixed some obvious bugs. Hopefully I didn't break anything along the way. More importantly though, I have everything set back up (since I reformatted my laptop). I'm going to try to add features here and there and fix bugs more incrementally, especially since I don't have large chunks of time anymore to work on this thing.

    New Heehorse.com version 1.0! - May 4th 2002, 6.42 am:
    After several months of off-and-on development, I'm finally releasing this new version of heehorse.com. There's a whole new well-thought-out information architecture (and a site-map that makes sense), as well as a whole bunch of new stuff. Hopefully it will make the site a lot more useable. However, it's only about 85% done, as evidenced by the various [under construction] markers, as well as probably some broken features. I jumped the gun in releasing this mainly because I wanted it out before I leave for Asia.

    - January 24th 2002, 4.43 am:
    Re-did the album listing page, which is now database driven. Enables some cool stuff to be done now w/ the album page, and paves the way for the whole album plus pictures to be database driven.

    - January 8th 2002, 4.05 am:
    Tweaked the layout on the homepage a bit. Added a little bit of code so that when you click on the random mini-picture on the homepage, it takes you to the picture view in the album, rather than taking you to the generic album list page. Seems to make a lot more sense and usability that way. Added pictures from the fam trip to NYC.

    - December 21st 2001, 2.28 pm:
    Just added yet another album - pictures from dallas. Mainly pictures of Mack the kitty, and some of my friends here.

    - December 20th 2001, 8.21 pm:
    Added an album for my December 2001 SF trip!

    - December 14th 2001, 9.11 pm:
    Added 450 New Photos! Mostly SLR photos from the Asia trip that I finally got scanned and uploaded, but also some random ones from Ireland, homecoming, and Austin. Check out the photo album page!

    - December 11th 2001, 6.41 pm:
    The list of photo albums was getting long and messy, so it has it's own page now. The section on the homepage now shows a random picture from my collection. Also added this "What's new" section.