by heehorse on May 9th, 2003
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Recently, somebody posted Amy's personal information (phone number, her work email address, etc) on various escort and sex services websites.

Now, pranks are pranks, but this is fucking wrong. This goes so over the line. This puts personal safety in jeopardy.

Now, while I have some idea who might have done it, being a fucking coward and using anonymous browsing services on the web, it will take some time to track the person down, I at least know the type:

For example, an old girlfriend once posed over IM as a previous ex-girlfriend who she was (unjustifiably) highly suspicious of, and tried to entrap me. Not only was this psychotic, but it was stupid, because I immediately knew who it was, but she wouldn't own up to this for the longest time until I had verifiable proof.

Another example - not to get into specifics, but someone once tried to coerce me to do something by claiming that by not doing it, I had made a mutual acquaintance cry. Only when I later apologized to this mutual acquaintance, did I realize that not only did this acquaintance not cry, but actually didn't care what I did.

Anyways, the point is, I know the type of person who will hide behind anonymity and webs of lies to attack, entrap, or coerce. This type of person is a small, weak, insecure, and cowardly person who will never stand up for him/herself. It is this type of person who was behind this slander against Amy, and quite honestly, they can go fuck themselves.

Here's what I'm doing right now:
1. At least one of the posts originated from the IP I've traced it down what I believe is an anonymous browser service,, although I'm still verifying the exact IP. According to their privacy and abuse policy, they are willing release relevant logs if there's a legitimate legal reason, so I'm in contact with a Houston lawyer that I know ( is based in Houston), to see what I can do on these grounds.

2. Immediately previous to the postings, there were multiple searches through google that got referred to Amy's web page where the search term was "Amy Moy cell phone number". The IP ( of the search can be traced back to a Cap Gemini employee on the west coast. While this is circumstantial, the evidence is quite convincing. I am in the process of contacting the right person at Cap Gemini that deals with abuse issues.