China, the Manchurian Incident and the Failure of the International System

by heehorse on November 30th, 2002
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This is a paper I wrote recently for a class on the International Relations of Asia before World War II.

It outlines the diplomatic response of China to the Manchurian Incident (which can be considered the incident that sparked the second Sino-Japanese war, and WWII in the pacific on the whole), and how this was a catalyst for revealing the weaknesses of the international system (League of Nations, Washington System), and its ultimate undoing.

On the whole, I was struggling to finish the readings and to absorb the myriad of events surronding the Manchurian Incident, and consequently, ran short of time again, and did not produce a very good paper, in my opionion, either in terms of content or style.

In any case, here's my paper in .pdf form that you can download.