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Britian and Ireland

After I got laid off in July 2001, I immediately packed up and took a month in the UK and Ireland to visit Sapient friends in London and to backpack the beautiful countryside.

I took a boat from Glasgow, Scotland out to Belfast, Northern Ireland right during the biggest riots in a while. Immediately took a bus to the Republic of Ireland, and then drove cross-country. (Aug 2001)

I had a wonderful week traveling through Scotland. I started out in Endenbraugh, traveled out to Ft. Williams to the beautiful glens in the highlands, out to Inverness to visit castles, and finally out to the Island of Skye. (Jul 2001-Aug 2001)

I spent the most time just hanging out in London, but also took short trips outside of London as well as to Salsbury, Stonehenge, and Bath. (Jul 2001)