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Places and People

These are pictures from the different places I have lived.

Washington DC, Fall 2004
My last semester at SAIS, and possibly in DC. (Aug 2004-Dec 2004)

Bangkok (2 albums)>>>
I spent summer 2004 in Bangkok at an internship with Habitat for Humanity International, Asia Pacific (Jun 2004-Aug 2004)

Hopkins Nanjing Center (4 albums)>>>
(Sep 2003-Jun 2004)

SAIS (2 albums)>>>
My masters program, SAIS, or officially the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. Social life got off to a slow start, but having much more fun. (Aug 2002-May 2003)

Dallas, Texas (1 albums)>>>
I've been in Dallas ever since moving back from NYC late Summer 2001. I am having a smashing time back in Dallas, hanging out in parking lots, meeting with old friends, and meeting new friends! (Aug 2001)

New York 2001 (3 albums)>>>
In 2001, I moved back from San Francisco to New York where I lived from June until August. (May 2001-Aug 2001)

Daisy's Graduation
My little sister Daisy graduated from high school spring of 2001. College here we come! (May 2001)

Washington D.C. 2001
I returned to DC for a month in 2001 for another project. (Apr 2001)

San Francisco (4 albums)>>>
I lived in San Francisco from May 2000 to March 2001. I had one of the best times in my life there. Beautiful place, beautiful people, and a lot of crappy dot-coms. (May 2000-Apr 2001)

Washington D.C. and FBR
For my first project at Sapient, I worked and lived in Washington DC for 8 months. (Sep 1999-May 2000)

Amherst College (4 albums)>>>
I spent four wonderful years at Amherst where I had lots of fun and sometimes got an education. (Aug 1995-Apr 1999)

Texas A&M Gifted and Talented Summer Program
During the Summer of 1991, Daniel Wang and I went down to Corpus Christi for a summer program for "Gifted and Talented" people, whatever that means. I only have 3 pictures here (none of young Dan Hui), but I have a stash to scan in somewhere... (Jun 1991-Jul 1991)

These are old old pictures from when I was a kid in Canada and in Richardson, TX. (Jul 1977-May 1995)