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Switzerland, Skiing in VA, Spring Break

Los Angeles Stopover to Hawaii
On my way to start my first semester at the Hopkins-Nanjing center (in Hawaii), I stopped by Los Angeles to visit my grandmother with my mom along. (Aug 2004)

The Family in Hawaii
Mom, Dad, Dawn, and Daisy come out to visit. (Dec 2003)

Dallas and Colorado
Between School and Internship, I went back to Dallas to visit the family, and also out to Colorado for a wedding weekend. (May 2003-Jun 2003)

New York Weekend 2
Another trip to NYC. Saw Angie, Chris Yap, and old Amherst friends. (May 2003)

New York Weekend 1
Went out to New York. Hung out at Angie's place. Went to listen to the Zumbyes sing. (Apr 2003)

New York
Impromptu 20 hour trip to NYC to meet up with old FBR folk and Dawn's band (Mar 2003)

Spring Break, SF, Sisters, Skiing
Spring break in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Skiing and hanging out with my sisters! (Mar 2003)

VA Skiing Trip
Some DC peeps went down to Massanutten, VA for a ski trip. Yay! (Feb 2003-Mar 2003)