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2001 and Before

Amherst Homecoming 2001 / Boston
All my old college buddies and I met up this year for Amherst's homecoming and for partying in Boston. (Oct 2001)

I went on a family vacation in August. Another beautiful Canadian city. (Aug 2001)

Montreal Jazz Fest
In July, I drove up to Montreal with my sister for a long weekend for the Montreal Jazz-fest. Got to see Bebel Gilberto in person, and a lot of other good jazz acts, as well as the city of Montreal itself with it's European feel and beautiful environment (Jul 2001)

New Years 2001 in Austin
Went down to Austin to hang out with old high school buddies Jason, Wendel, and Chris. Had a crazy-fun time. (Dec 2000-Jan 2001)

New York Family Trip - August 2000
The first of several family trips in NYC since my older sister was living there, as was I (ostensibly, although in actuality, I really living in DC). (Aug 2000)

Hong Kong / Beijing 2000
In January of 2000, I went on a trip to Beijing with my sister and my dad. We also stopped off for a couple of days in Hong Kong. (Jan 2000)

Europe 1999
The summer after I graduated from Amherst, I backpacked through France, Spain, Italy, and Austria. (May 1999-Jul 1999)

Coastal China Trip (6 albums)>>>
At the end of my exchange program in Hong Kong, I took a trip with some fellow students up the coast of China, hitting the major cities. (Apr 1998)